"Go Royals! Go forth to serve well. Return with honor!

"Go Royals!  Go forth to serve well.  Return with honor!
This family photo is from August 2003, just before Brad left on his mission to the Philippines, but it remains a personal favorite

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Royally Awesome Adoption Day! - June 15, 2017

Royal was supported by an army of 30 strong as he was legally adopted into the Friedel family.  His beaming smile is awesome.

Royal (No. 2) listens as his Daddy sets the
Cougar defense in a flag football game

Royal was surrounded by kisses on
Mommy and Daddy’s wedding day

Prior to June 15, 2017, if you asked Royal his name, he would tell you: Royal Ray Friedel.  He played flag football in the spring of 2017 and had R. Friedel on the back of his jersey.  Royal loved being coached by his Daddy, Craig.

          From the day Kelli and Craig were married (August 8, 2015), Royal began calling Craig Daddy.  (Royal referred to Craig simply as Craig during Craig’s courtship and engagement with Kelli, but that changed to Daddy Craig immediately after their marriage, and quickly to simply just Daddy shortly thereafter.)  Royal’s name was officially changed to Royal Ray Friedel on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at an 8:30 am court hearing in the Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court, County of Clark, State of Nevada.

          The adoption hearing proceeded with standing room only in the gallery.  The only family members not present were David and Kambria, who were in Orlando, Florida on business; however, they were represented by daughters Aubrey and Macie.  

       Judge Rebecca L. Burton invited someone to take photos and videos from the witness stand at the beginning of the proceeding.  (Rachel [Jenkins] and Eric [Bowman] did the honors.)  After responding to some questions under oath, Judge Burton asked Royal, who was standing next to Craig and Kelli at the table, if he was happy about this.  Royal just smiled and nodded his head with enthusiastic approval.  The judge then asked Craig: “Are you ready to be a forever dad?”  She then granted the petition and signed the order.  Judge Burton then immediately left her chair on the bench and came down meet Royal and pose for some photos.
Kelli became emotional when asked if it was in Royal’s best interest
to be adopted by Craig
This is the only time in 26 years of practice I can recall
shedding tears in a courtroom
Royal here looks up at Craig with such affection after Judge Burton granted the petition for his adoption, pronouncing that he will be forever hereafter known as Royal Ray Friedel

Kelli congratulates Royal on the adoption
Royal gets to meet Judge Burton for some
judicial congratulations
        As we filed out of the courtroom, an attorney waiting with clients to enter after us watched the Royal army pass by and said: "Wow, that is an amazingly wonderful sight to see."  We had a group picture taken by a woman who happened by.  She was excited to help, advising that she, too, was adopted.  After taking the group photo, the woman said: "Family is everything.  It is the only thing."  She then told Royal how blessed he is to be surrounded by so much love.
Royal got the gavel and his Daddy all in one day

There are not a lot of happy things that go on in the Family Court Division of the Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court.  But on June 15, 2017, between 8:30 am and 9:00 am, for us at least, it was sacred, hallowed ground.  We love you Royal Ray Friedel

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